Hi, I’m Thomas.

I thrive when I learn and experience new things. I relish new insights and love inspiring people with them. I enjoy putting new ideas into practice by experimenting, innovating and creating a positive impact with others. My core values are innovation, learning, reflection, humility, justice, reliability, trust, and autonomy.

My key talents

Strategic development

Visionary leadership, conceptual thinking, future-oriented, critical thinking, and analytical decision-making.

Creativity AND innovation

Highly adaptable, developing original ideas, business and organization modeling, and change management.

Overview AND coordinatioN

Systematic thinking, prioritizing, long-term planning, decisive, and stimulating cross-functional collaboration.

Communication AND MANAGEMENT

Coaching, active listening, persuading, negotiating, presenting, promoting values, building consensus, and writing.

My hobbies and interests

I love video games. Specifically I enjoy role-playing games, turn-based strategy games, and games steeped in a deep, immersive story. Most of the games I play are singleplayer, but I delight in cooperative games too. My favourites are the Souls series, the Divinity Original Sin series, and the empire-builder Civilization. More…

My passion for video games also translates beautifully to the tabletop. To me, hardly anything beats the dynamic of a group of people huddled around a board game, either cooperating or competing. My favourite games to date are Arkham Horror the Card Game, Brass: Birmingham, and Gloomhaven. I’m also an avid D&D player. More…


As long as I can remember, reading has been one of my go-to activities. I get a kick out of a well-written book that completely opens my mind to new possibilities or insights. One of my most impactful reads are the Incerto books by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, of which The Black Swan is probably the most well-known.


A sunny day out on the bike is the perfect adrenaline and endorfine shot to me. I like going fast on the road, but also revel in a technical ride in the forest. My most cherished experiences on two wheels are a ride up Mont Ventoux, and my late-summer night rides on the local trails.

Creative outlets

Even though I was always taunted for having two left hands, I have recently picked up an interest in more creative activities, such as woodworking, 3D printing, and miniature painting. And of course, like most male adults, a child-like passion for LEGO remains too.

Computer sience

Computers and new technology have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My childhood room was always filled to the brim with PC components, and I usually was and still am one the first people to own brand-new tech. I’m also the go-to guy for most of my friends when their computers or home network crap out.

My career

Department for Work and Social Economy


Director General Services

Managing the division (140 people) responsible for the budget (4.3bln euros) and financial strategy, HR, ICT, internal and external communication, and business and organizational development. Responsible for the strategic agenda of the department as a member of the board of directors.


Director Dual Learning and Sectors

Managing the division responsible for the apprenticeship policy and dual learning track in secondary and adult education in Flanders, and for negotiating lifelong learning, anti-discrimination and inclusion policies with all industries and economic sectors in Flanders.

Flemish Agency for Entrepreneurial Training


Director General Services

Accountable for the financial, HR and communication strategies, and for IT, legal and facility support. As a member of the executive board of directors responsible for long-term strategic planning. From 2019 onward, responsible for the liquidation and demerger of the agency.


Team Lead Financial and Horizontal Policies

Responsible for the day-to-day operations and strategic coordination of the financial and facility teams.

My education

University of Leuven


Master of European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives


Master of Science in Public Management and Policy


Master in Business Communication (English and French)


Bachelor in Linguistics and Literature (Dutch and English)

How my website might benefit you

Human kind’s progress is a story of intellectual heritance: new ideas get build on top of old ones. Over time, the complexity of the world becomes reduced into more comprehensible theories and thoughts. Gods and myths were replaced by rational thought and science, geocentricity made way for heliocentricity, and SOMETHING INTO SOMETHING.

While I still have a lot to learn and definitely don’t hold all the answers, I feel it is my responsibility to share what I’ve discovered so far. On this website I write about topics I find interesting or specific thoughts I think are worthwhile exploring more. Hopefully, you will find them valuable too.

Some of my accomplishments